The Underestimated Value of a “No-Quote”

In a sales process involving high numbers of requests for quotes (RFQs), salespeople must choose which RFQs take first priority. By the end of the day, dozens of “unqualified” RFQs will be left unanswered in an effort to maximize efficiency, productivity, and revenue. Smart, right? Pick the perceived “low-hanging fruit.” That, while the other (unqualified) RFQs are considered a big waste of time and effort to process as a no-quote, so they will get ignored.

Unqualified RFQs do, however, contain valuable information.

Knowing what is getting ignored could lead to new business opportunities. If requests for part number AB12 are always getting ignored, perhaps adding the AB12 to the inventory should be considered. If your number one customer is actually getting ignored 40% of the time, you could evaluate the cause and strengthen your position with a loyal customer.

How can the process of retaining the data be made not just faster, but virtually effortless?

VistaSuite and VistaQuote have an RFQ management component that provides the ability to no-quote several RFQs at once. That means you will retain the valuable RFQ insights, without wasting time on manual data entry. With one click, the RFQs will be converted into quotes and then retained as a no-quote. KPI dashboards and custom reports can be created for analyzing the no-quote data points clearly and quickly.

VistaSuite and VistaQuote RFQ processing can work with all your favorite listing service emails like PartsBase, Locatory, ILS and more.

The Underestimated Value of a “No-Quote” The Underestimated Value of a “No-Quote” Reviewed by Ambry Hill Technologies on August 17, 2022 Rating: 5
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