Millennium International Surpasses 10,000 Quotes Using VistaQuote

Millennium International Aviation Parts

Ambry Hill Technologies is pleased to celebrate Millennium International’s milestone achievement of surpassing 10,000 quotes processed using Ambry Hill’s RFQ quoting software, VistaQuote.

VistaQuote is an online and mobile application that is used atop Millennium’s existing ERP software system where their users experience a consolidated, organized view of all incoming RFQs regardless of the marketplace or message source. This RFQ harvesting capability is a key component to Millennium’s quoting success.

Previously, the sales team was trying to manage RFQs in a typical email inbox, disconnected from real-time business insights. Now, with VistaQuote, the RFQs are connected to real-time inventory and historical data from their ERP software system.

By removing the need to look at additional systems to create a customer quote, the Millennium team went from 5 minutes to less than 2 minutes to process an RFQ through to a completed quote back to the customer. Saving 2.5 minutes per quote is equal to about 417 hours across 10,000 quotes – which translates to approximately 52 working days’ worth of tangible return on investment.

Eliminating layers of tedious manual data entry, the RFQ and Quote information is automatically sent from VistaQuote over to their ERP system in real-time. This cuts the RFQ and quote processing time by more than half.

Showing relevant business information throughout the RFQ quoting process is a tremendous time saving that no other platform can so easily deliver in real-time.

Using VistaQuote to manage both RFQs and quotes means that Millennium now collects much more transaction data than with their previous workflow. The forms customizations and reporting abilities built into VistaQuote give the Millennium team valuable insights for more informed decision making.

Changing just one aspect of their sales workflow, RFQ management, has also proven to increase productivity and efficiency in quote processing and data analytics. With VistaQuote, Millennium International accomplishes more, but with less resource input than before – yet has improved their overall sales workflow and performance.

About Millennium International:

Founded in 1997, Millennium International Avionics is an FAA and EASA approved Part 145 Repair Station specializing in the repair and support of new generation and legacy avionics systems and components. The company provides a wide range of services on glass cockpit (LCD & CRT) displays, TCAS, WX radar, Nav/Comm and more. Applicable markets include corporate operators, fleet operators, Part-135 charter operators, avionics brokers, military, rotor wing and commercial air transport segments. Learn more at

Millennium International Surpasses 10,000 Quotes Using VistaQuote Millennium International Surpasses 10,000 Quotes Using VistaQuote Reviewed by Ambry Hill Technologies on April 01, 2022 Rating: 5
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