A Smarter Way To Manage RFQs

VistaQuote Aviation RFQ Software

When companies, like those in the aviation industry, publish their repair capabilities or current inventory among the 17+ inventory listing services, they must manage a wide variety of RFQ formats across multiple customer accounts. 

As a solution to this RFQ management problem that salespeople contend with daily, Minnesota based Ambry Hill Technologies created a revolutionary cloud-based product called VistaQuote. In VistaQuote, a salesperson can now view these differing formats as one standardized, simplified, manageable RFQ format. “We offer VistaQuote as one mechanism, one consistent repeatable method to respond to these RFQs regardless of the listing service they came from,” says Paul Stewart, President and CEO of Ambry Hill Technologies. 

A company using VistaQuote will immediately foster sales growth by supporting the logistics and financial supply chains with fast, accurate, relevant information. “By focusing on the information supply chain rather than the logistics or financial supply chain, VistaQuote eliminates time consuming rekeying, retyping and transferring of RFQ information.” Says Stewart. 

Its compatibility with a variety of existing ERP systems means that the ROI from using VistaQuote is immediately evident because of the drastically reduced time required for RFQ management along with generating the corresponding quote. Through timed studies, Ambry Hill Technologies found that a salesperson takes between five and seven minutes to review an RFQ and compile a response. The same process is clocked at under a minute using VistaQuote.

VistaQuote offers several notable features, one being its automated RFQ routing. When an RFQ is routed to a salesperson in VistaQuote, only one copy exists. This single RFQ instance eliminates the confusion that would normally exist between salespeople working within a typical email-based environment. Another salient feature is called Coworker Shares, which is a tool for managers, supervisors, or employees to monitor the account activity of sales teams or to work the assigned RFQs on behalf of another employee. 

Moreover, a centralized blocking system relieves sales teams from having to manage block lists. “We help our customers sort through the RFQ noise to focus on the RFQs that matter,” says Stewart. Ambry Hill Technologies, in collaboration with Visual Compliance eCustoms – a world-class provider of export and trade OFAC compliance solutions, pioneered a first-of-its-kind export compliance screening process inside VistaQuote. With this feature enabled, VistaQuote will automatically perform export compliance screenings on all incoming RFQs. Screening at the RFQ level means that you can determine if a company is appropriate for quoting before investing further time and attention. 

As a next-generation leader in aviation business management software, Ambry Hill Technologies provides real-world expertise and innovative solutions designed to increase ROI and grow revenue opportunities for companies of all types.

For a live demonstration, visit ambryhill.com/requestdemo

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